Our mission & vision

Our mission & vision

At SealteQ, craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability are at the core. Our specialists apply the latest techniques to protect concrete and steel structures. There is a strong emphasis on safety and reliability, alongside a commitment to long-term customer relationships.

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We employ the finest specialists in the field

We utilize professional resources and collaborate with the best individuals available. We employ the latest proven techniques and systems to optimally protect concrete and steel structures against external influences, preserving them for the future. To sustain this, considerable focus is placed on the training and development of our employees.

We embrace innovation

Thanks to our in-house expertise across diverse disciplines, we can tailor innovative solutions to meet any challenge. We thrive on complex tasks and are creative in combining and applying techniques and resources innovatively. We collaborate with renowned research institutions to validate the resilience of our innovations.

We are flexible

From urgent tasks to long-term projects, our organization is structured to handle both immediate and planned assignments. Regardless of project size, whether for existing clients or one-time collaborations, our specialists are equipped to contribute from the design phase or integrate seamlessly into ongoing projects. With a preference for clear communication channels, we can swiftly adapt, both internally and externally.

Sustainability is an ongoing pursuit

Extending the lifespan is our guiding principle (provided that it offers the most cost-effective total cost of ownership in the long run), as we aim to contribute to the transition towards sustainable reuse or prolonged exploitation of existing structures and real estate. This significantly reduces the need for new, costly raw materials and demonstrably contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We are aware that we operate in sectors that impact the environment and are committed to minimizing our footprint as much as possible.

Veiligheid is ons grootste goed

To protect people and the environment, we always adhere to the applicable (safety) guidelines, invest in optimal protective measures, and operate under safety and environmental certification schemes. Everyone at SealteQ Group is properly certified at all times. We hold each other, partners, and clients accountable for unsafe behavior.

Reliability is in our DNA

Providing peace of mind and solutions is what we stand for. For fifty years, you can count on us to do what we promise and often more. If something deviates, we engage in dialogue to find a solution together. This is how we build long-term customer relationships. Half measures do not exist; it has to be done right.

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