• Elastic and waterproof parking roof system

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    Extending the lifespan of asphalt

    SealteQ can perform asphalt maintenance on your behalf in order to extend the asphalt’s lifespan. We do so by repairing asphalt and/or by filling the cracks.

    We can also improve the waterproofing of asphalt on bridges and viaducts by applying waterproof membranes and mastic asphalt or flexible edging sealing during major overhauls or new construction. SealteQ can also fill longitudinal seams, between raised kerbs and asphalt, with rubber bitumen. We apply other wear layers, flexible drainage channels and SAMI layers.

    We have a Breining bitumen boiler for joint filling. We also deal with other provisions, such as contraction joints. A contraction joint is suitable for situations with a transition from metalling on an earth body to metalling on a bridge deck, culvert of tunnel. As subsidence near such transitions can produce uncontrolled cracks in the metalling, the choice is usually to cut the joint into such transitions. Read more about joint transitions and how they work. The cut is filled with a hot, bituminous joint filler.