• Fire resistant coating of steel construction university Groningen

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    It is our mission to convince our clients with our excellent, efficient and sustainable solutions for all maintenance issues regarding concrete, steel and facades and wishing to excel in their implementation. The SealteQ Group aims to achieve that through close cooperation with all the parties involved and by using expert and reliable personnel in a proper and safe manner. Unburdening our clients and acting as their knowledge partner is a given.

    The SealteQ Group is proud of its name and reputation as an enthusiastic, passionate and technically advanced business. To uphold and enhance that status inside and outside our business continues to be our objective.

    The SealteQ Group strives to stand out in the market with high levels of reliability, flexibility and accuracy. This is founded in using our knowledge of primary process and of the maintenance of the object for the benefit of our clients. We use our experience to take account of the core activities of our clients and that is part of our added value. Maintenance to objects in healthcare or housing requires a different approach to maintenance to industrial or infrastructural objects. Our specialists are used where our client or the maintenance task requires. They contribute the knowledge and experience that will put the total service provision for that specific project at the required level.