SEALTEQ protect and preserve

Protecting and maintaining valuable civil-engineering, infrastructural and industrial plants and housing and non-residential buildings is what the SealteQ Group is all about. With our national, international and multidisciplinary approach and regional specialised companies we have acquired a leading position in the market over the last 40 years and we know how to keep it that … Read more

Recent projects

Undergrouting 10 MAN-generators in Honduras

SealteQ was approached by Goltens Rotterdam B.V. to provide guidance on the undergrouting of 10 MAN-generators. The work was carried out by local staff under the supervision of SealteQ. When all work is completed, the 10 MAN- ... Read more

Perform work on new water slides Hof van Saksen in Nooitgedacht

On behalf of Brands Bouwgroep B.V. From Emmen, SealteQ Noord B.V. has conducted work at the world’s largest indoor water slide complex; The water world of Hof van Saksen. From now on, a total of 1.54 million water per h ... Read more

SealteQ, Innovative workmanship over the years

  • Oprichting Quake Shield B.V.

    Quakeshield Logo QuakeShield is a joint venture between SealteQ and Oosterhof Holman. Within QuakeShield, patents pending have been developed in joint management, including masonry structures under dynamic motion due to earthquakes or extreme wind stress (hurricanes).  

  • Participation 50% in MCB conservation

    In order to increase the market position and to operate a number of national clients locally, from central Netherlands, participation in MCB is an excellent addition.

  • New headquarters SealteQ

    The growth of the organization involved the new headquarters of SealteQ in Stadskanaal in 2013. An efficient office with business premises, with GPR award, which enables users to function optimally, partly through the use of a sustainable heat pump system with passive cooling.  

  • Founding Frans Nooren West BV

    A new venture started from Pijnacker entirely from our own power. Physical presence in the area, making flexible efforts for our customers in the region.

  • Best training company special entrepreneurship

    1st prize from the Netherlands. In-house training new staff to a specialist in which safety and quality are among the most important performance indicators.

  • Takeover Jaki Noord BV Heerenveen

    In order to increase the market position in Friesland, this company was acquired in 2010. Jaki Noord is a concept in Friesland in the field of specialist (waterproof) repair and protection of concrete and brickwork.

  • Founding SealteQ Group


    The holding company of the various operating companies is the connecting factor that has become a national player with a specialized service package.

  • Kosmos project multidisciplinary specialism concrete / steel

    In addition to all steel nozzle doors, all concrete vents have been completely renovated. Chloride damage due to penetration salts, previously invalid repair techniques, ASR damage, have been fully repaired under 10 years warranty. With a project size of approximately 17 million, this has been the basis for a further integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the market at the area of specialist maintenance of concrete and steel and the final initiation of the SealteQ protection and retention idea.  

  • Start Cosmos project; renovate spray and drainage complexes Afsluitdijk

    In 2 years, all 50 steel cloak doors and 12 steel shutters were built in the '30's,  (50 tons / piece), in shop the old coating system stripped and completely replaced by a high tech coating system.  

  • Apply induction on slides Afsluitdijk

    For the first time, induction technology in the Netherlands is used to remove the coating. The 50 pieces of the Afsluitdijk slides are partly stripped of a tough elastic coating.  

  • Innovation shot blasting robot under steel bridge

    Nowhere in the world has it been possible to completely disassemble a non-functional coating system completely automated by means of robot technology - at the location - the underside of a steel bridge. MultiPaint did venture to continue this innovation.  

  • Creation of MultiPaint Staalconservering BV


    Already in 1999, this specialization was founded with the startup of MultiPaint VOF. Big projects in steel treated with paint in the oil and gas world and infrastructure.

  • Startup MultiPaint VOF

    Through cooperation between Frans Nooren and Sips, the partnership has been established the VOF MultiPaint. By bundling of know how and capacity this has been the startup for the realization of large radiation and conservation work in the Netherlands.

  • International sealing project

    In Saudi Arabia, the first major international sealing project has been carried out to solve serious groundwater leakage problems for the underground storage of aircraft fuel at the Khamis Mushait airbase.

  • Development of seal product StopaQ

    In 1988, the StopaQ production facility (Stop Aqua) was started. A unique and globally patented sealing product, developed in-house, widely used in cable and pipe conduits below ground level. The reason for its own development came about because of the major groundwater leakage problems at, among other things, telephone and power plants.

  • Development of liquid-tight pavement

    First in the Netherlands, an innovation process has been launched to counter soil pollution at petrol stations. The development involved a new design of a liquid-tight stone combined with an oil and gasoline-resistant flexible joint. As a market leader, in the Netherlands and Germany, more than 1,000 petrol stations have been fluid-tightened in this specific renovation manner.  

  • Development of underwater injection technology

    Rinsing of quay and pile walls is a common problem. Wholly in-house, Frans Nooren developed a waterproof injection system from the water ponds. This development gained national fame through television broadcasts 'Focal in the Market'  

  • Innovation hydrofobering facades

    Waterproofing facades, using silicone. A completely new application in the seventies that resulted in large-scale projects of tens of thousands of square meters impregnating overflowing facades.

  • Woodworm control by acidification

    First in the Netherlands, farms, churches were fully packed in the plastic foil. After that, acetic acid gas was introduced for a few days to eliminate all the pests. This approach to 'wrapping' was completely new. Thousands of objects have been treated in this way.

  • National awareness of pest control

  • The beginning of the company Frans Nooren


    It started in 1973 from the one-man company Frans Nooren, in 1987 this was converted into a B.V. At the start of the company, all kinds of jobs were carried out, such as pest control, kit and sealing work.

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