6 maart 2019

National maintenance contract of Gasunie

Gas is one of the most important energy sources in North West Europe. To transport gas safely, periodic maintenance is required to guarantee the quality of the natural gas transport network. SealteQ has been active for some time with the steel preservation at locations in the East of the Netherlands. In this way we are proud to announce that this cooperation will be expanded with the maintenance contract for the West of The Netherlands. This means that SealteQ will carry out all above-ground maintenance work for the entire country in the coming five years.

SealteQ wins European tender

Gasunie awarded the contract to SealteQ following a European tendering procedure. A European tendering procedure means that every interested company has the right to register within a minimum, predetermined, time frame. SealteQ has been selected and contracted by the Gasunie for steel preservation in the West of the Netherlands for the period 2019 to 2023 via the European tendering procedure.

With the expertise in the field of steel preservation and the many years of cooperation between SealteQ and Gasunie, such a tendering process always remains a challenge. With only a few bidders who dared to face the challenge, SealteQ was judged to be the best choice based on the assessment criteria. The assessment criteria that were important for Gasunie included: experience, quality, price and action plan. SealteQ had the right combination of all aspects.

Quality, national insight and speed

With the new contract, Gasunie has a single point of contact for the entire country. Both Gasunie and SealteQ are convinced that the appointment of SealteQ as a unique partner has advantages for both parties. One of these is digitizing the supporting processes for the entire country. This gives Gasunie real-time insight into the phase of maintenance of the natural gas network.

SealteQ has full confidence in a pleasant cooperation with Gasunie.

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