• 30.000 m² applicatie kunststofvloer

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    Non-shrink casting, anchor grouting dynamic machine components on concrete foundations is a top-class specialisation. The vibrations that are produced by the machine/motor, pump, compressor must be transferred fully to the underlying concrete foundations. A precision job in view of the high economic value of the equipment that needs to be undergrouted. SealteQ has the absolute expertise for the entire package – from surface preparation to placing the formwork and the final grouting of the equipment. SealteQ has all the expertise required to make the right choice of material. Beside non-shrink cement cast mortar, non-shrink epoxy mortars could also be applied. It goes without saying that epoxy mortars provide control over climatic conditions. Again, SealteQ will advise its clients. SealteQ has a long list of references when it comes to undergrouting compressor systems in the oil and gas industry.

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