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    STOPAQ applications for corrosion prevention

    SealteQ is a professional supplier of the STOPAQ material for waterproofing. The combination of both companies produces a solid and reliable factor for meeting the client’s specific demand for corrosion, insulation or water-leak solutions.

    Besides the experience of SealteQ as the fitter, STOPAQ provides a unique product that:

    • Provides a 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for corrosion and water problems.
    • Is a material that is easy to process.
    • Keeps its permanent bonding promise, irrespective of the most extreme conditions.
    • Takes responsibility for the composition of the total solution.

    Sustainable protection of infrastructure

    Applying STOPAQ signifies the best solution for preventing corrosion, insulation and water problems with the most reliable and appropriate systems. It equates long-term and sustainable protection of your infrastructure. STOPAQ is optimum protection, for a lifetime.

    A corrosion-free solution for industry

    Wrapping pipework in the gas, oil and water industry, or transport and distribution pipelines, underground flanges and valves and pipe hangers produces a guaranteed corrosion-free solution.
    STOPAQ is used frequently in this branch of industry and SealteQ has provided many constructions with a STOPAQ protection.

    STOPAQ Waterstop for cable and pipe ducts

    Pressing groundwater can cause leaks in ducts and consequently major damage. It is also essential that harmful vapours, from natural gas for example, cannot penetrate from the outside into the building through cable and/or pipe ducts.

    SealteQ works on the interface of wet and dry and that includes the STOPAQ Aquastop product, because when you use cable and pipe ducts, permanent waterproofing is a must.

    Again, a short amount of preparation time enables us to produce a top-quality seal. Even when there is water against the part that must be sealed.

    The fitters of SealteQ and the manufacturers STOPAQ are a strong combination that can provide you with a waterproof guarantee for your vulnerable systems.

    “Protects and maintains” meets “Seal for life”.