• Elastic and waterproof parking roof system

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    Nano coatings

    Nano coating is a leading innovative product in surface treatment where cleaning, protection and corrosion-resistance are the essential requirements. Using nano coating in these situations produces a spectacular reduction in maintenance costs. A justifiable and responsible use of these products is determined by the influence of the climatic and chemical exposure on the object that requires treatment. Nano coating can also be used to apply a hydrophobic coating to porous surfaces. The product is proven to work for at least 10 years and ensures reduced growth of moss and algae. Objects treated with a nano coating remain fully water-repellent and consequently dirt-repellent. This excludes frost damage and improves the insulation value. SealteQ has all the multidisciplinary expertise in house – from design, budget and application to after-care. Safe access, the requirements of the users and/or the environment are the set parameters we use to arrive at a properly considered safety plan for the project that removes the client’s concerns in every respect.