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    Metallisation – Thermal Sprayed Aluminium (TSA) for a sustainable solution

    SealteQ focuses on sustainable solutions for preserving steel by applying a thermal sprayed aluminium coating on a blasted surface. This preservation layer is known as a TSA coating, which is short for Thermal Sprayed Aluminium. TSA is an active protective self-repairing spray layer and protects against corrosion. Thermal spray is a coating that can be applied above ground and underground.

    Research by the European Federation of Corrosion (which included Exxon and Shell) demonstrated that 40% of the maintenance costs in the industry are a result of CUI**. As process plants will age quickly in the Netherlands, costs will only increase if there is no structural solution for the CUI issue. The solution is a systematic approach. Every stage should pay attention to preventing CUI and that includes design, installation, maintenance and inspection. Equipment and pipe details must be designed in such a way that water/damp penetration into the insulation is prevented, even when the insulation ages.

    Compared with conventional paint systems, Thermal Sprayed Aluminium provides a much longer lifespan. Paint systems that are applied under insulation systems offer virtually no protection at all. TSA provides protection for at least 30 years. The increased lifespan of a TSA system reduces the maintenance costs in the long term. TSA can be applied in different environments and on every steel surface. Read more about steel preservation.

    ** CUI = Corrosion under insulation

    If water/damp/condensation can penetrate insulated equipment and pipes there is a chance of corrosion forming under the insulation (CUI). The presence of chlorides and sulphur components in the insulation will only accelerate the process.

    Process automation

    In order to comply with quality requirements and planning, an automated process has been developed that uses an Electric ARC wire spray. This automated process is a continuous application in straight lengths of various dimensions and applies TSA in any required coating thickness.

     Treating prefab spools and in-situ facilities

    All prefab spools and assembly welds in the field are coated manually with TSA by using a Combustion Wire Spray (oxygen & fuel).