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    Industrial and property coating work in situ

    Industrial and property coating work in situ

    Industrial and property coating work in situ

    We specialise in industrial coating work – steel preservation – that extends the lifespan of the property made of concrete-steel or with brick surfaces. All the preparatory activities, such as access, surface pretreatment and/or repair, are disciplines that form part of our core competencies. SealteQ has the knowledge to arrive at the right analysis of the protective coating systems that will be used. The starting point is the clients’ terms of reference, available budgets, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), maintenance frequencies and safety requirements.

    In that capacity we have built up a strong reputation with large and small projects. Ranging from major infrastructure maintenance projects, such as the discharge sluice complexes in the Afsluitdijk, the radioscope in Dwingeloo, Gasunie sites and property owned by housing corporations, institutions investors and owners associations.

    Tight planning, expert advice and a professional approach guarantee a successful progress of projects, whilst retaining technical integrity.

    SealteQ treats and preserves steel and/or coats concrete to extend their lifespan.

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