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    SealteQ specialises in the area of fire prevention and fire application by using fire-resistant coatings and advice on fire prevention for concrete and steel constructions.

    When there is a fire, it is important for people’s safety that the building remains standing for as long as possible!

    A fire-resistant coating on the steel main bearing construction is the solution. Such a coating produces longer lasting load-bearing capacity. A fire-resistant coating for steel is a thin layer of coating that is applied to the steel. In high temperatures, the coating – a foam layer – swells up. The insulating effect of this foam protects the construction for a number of minutes (30, 60 or 90 minutes) against the critical temperatures under which the steel would collapse.

    Applying fire-resistant paint to steel is specialised work and takes place under stringent checks to guarantee compliance with the requirements of the statutory Building Decree (2012).
    SealteQ can apply fire-resistant coatings prefab, i.e. in the factory, or on the construction site after assembly. We work together with renowned suppliers of fire-resistant coatings, such as PPG (Sigma), International Paint (AKZO), Hensel, and with Sika for steel and cement-bound and vermiculite mortar systems for concrete.

    If you would like more information or free customised advice in the area of fire prevention, SealteQ is what you’re looking for.

    The required level of fire safety of buildings and the fire-resistance of constructions as part thereof is enshrined in Dutch building regulations in the form of performance requirements. These requirements are material-independent and are the same for the whole of the Netherlands. For every construction material there is a NEN standard for calculating fire resistance. The NEN standards in the Building Decree are an excellent starting point for building a safe building.

    The Building Decree imposes fire-resistance requirements on the main bearing constructions for buildings. Concrete must have certain minimum dimensions and sufficient cover on the rebar. Besides concrete and wood constructions, steel main bearing constructions also need to comply. The requirements regarding fire resistance of the main bearing construction are described in Chapter 2 Article 2.2. of the new Building Decree 2012.

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