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    Renovating facades

    Brickwork facades sometimes show serious defects, such as poor pointing, damp, cracks or frost damage. The corrosion of wall ties is another serious form of damage with major implications for the building and the environment. In these cases a wholesale facade renovation is often the only right solution. SealteQ ensures that the object/complex recovers its earlier appearance, restores the functional properties of the facade and guarantees its safety for years to come. During a facade renovation we remove old grouting, clean de facade, bond or reinforce any structural cracks, for example due to earthquake damage, we repoint and apply a hydrophobic coating (water-repellent treatment) to the whole facade. Attention to expansion joints and/or connection joints between the various building parts are also part of the integrated approach.

    The specialists of SealteQ master all the techniques required to turn your facade renovation into a success.