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    Cellar sealing

    Cellar sealing

    Do you have trouble with damp?

    We protect against penetrating damp.

    SealteQ uses a range of preventive and curative methods to protect underground constructions, cellars, basements against penetrating damp and we have more than 40 years of experience in dealing with damp.

    In new constructions or cellars or basements that are easy to access, we can apply polymer-modified bitumen that produces an adequate preventive seal quickly and at an attractive price.

    If protection from the outside is no longer possible or undesirable, we have various methods available to achieve cellar sealing from the inside, including injection methods and cellar-sealing systems that consist of several sealing layers that are applied on top of each other for an optimum result. First of all we will prepare a thorough analysis of the damp issue before using a specific method or a combination of methods for cellar sealing. It is good to know that our company is in the vanguard of the battle against penetrating and rising damp and applies inventions that were developed in house. You can be assured and we are confident and give our clients a waterproof guarantee of 10 years.