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    SealteQ is a welcome specialist in management and maintenance solutions for residential and non-residential buildings. No wonder, because in this market communication with clients, owners and users are just as important as high quality maintenance that leads to satisfied users and residents. If required, we can use our knowledge to prepare long-term planning and to give you the opportunity to set a long-term budget for maintaining your valuable premises. We like to act as a knowledge partner for our clients and like to think strategically from the design stage. Developing alternatives and an approach based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) models are also part of the options for our clients.

    Concrete and facade repairs, solving leaks in cellars and floors, coating and/or raising access walkways, entrances and stairwells and top-quality paintwork are important elements of the services SealteQ provides to the housing sector.

    In non-residential construction our efficient operating method is a major benefit. Whether it is a high-rise office facade or the complete renovation of an underground car park, the employees of SealteQ provide top-quality services and technical quality and pay attention to the operational interest of the client. Customised work is our motto.

    It goes without saying that the communication between the implementing body and the residents and users has to be the best. Works disrupt the day-to-day affairs and that requires client focus, clear agreements, tight planning to ensure the nuisance is kept to an absolute minimum.

    The above elements are more than valid reasons to opt for SealteQ, because decades of experience are reflected in our working method. Accurate, precise, high quality, tight planning and proper communication? SealteQ is ready to spring into action!