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    Recent projects

    Unique renovation carpark Weena in Rotterdam

    At the end of March 2019, the extensive renovation of the Weena carpark was delivered by SealteQ to manager Jones Lang LaSalle and operator Q-Park Nederland. The Weena carpark, build in 1968, has a capacity of 541 parking lots and…Read more

    The end result of the renovated pier in Bonaire

    Red Eye Productions Bonaire has made a short film in which the end result of the renovated jetty in Kralendijk, Bonaire is central. Work that extends the service life by decades The renovation of the southern pier in Kralendijk began in…Read more

    Undergrouting 10 MAN-generators in Honduras

    SealteQ was approached by Goltens Rotterdam B.V. to provide guidance on the undergrouting of 10 MAN-generators. The work was carried out by local staff under the supervision of SealteQ. When all work is completed, the 10 MAN-generators with a weight…Read more

    Renovation of the salt loader Nouryon

    Heuvelman Ibis and SealteQ join forces for the renovation of the concrete swivel arc of the Nouryon Salt (formerly Akzo Nobel Salt) loader under the name HIS. HIS V.O.F. Due to the complexity of the renovation, Heuvelman Ibis and SealteQ…Read more

    Perform work on new water slides Hof van Saksen in Nooitgedacht

    On behalf of Brands Bouwgroep B.V. From Emmen, SealteQ Noord B.V. has conducted work at the world's largest indoor water slide complex; The water world of Hof van Saksen. From now on, a total of 1.54 million water per hour…Read more

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