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    Undergrouting 10 MAN-generators in Honduras

    ondergoten generator

    SealteQ was approached by Goltens Rotterdam B.V. to provide guidance on the undergrouting of 10 MAN-generators. The work was carried out by local staff under the supervision of SealteQ. When all work is completed, the 10 MAN-generators with a weight of 160,000 kilo per generator, delivered by MAN Energy Solutions will be able to supply the city of La Ceiba in Honduras with 87 megawatts of electricity.

    Undergrouting 10 MAN-generators

    The guidance that SealteQ offers consists mainly of advising and assisting, in pouring a low-shrink cement mortar. Before the low-shrink cement mortar could be poured, the concrete foundation was first roughened, so that the mortar could get a good bond with the foundation. Then a Styrofoam formwork was installed. After this, the MAN-generators were placed on spindles by Goltens with a maximum height deviation of 200th to 400th of a millimetre.

    After placing the MAN-generators, two concrete mixers were used simultaneously to achieve maximum efficiency while at the same time keeping the quality of the low-shrink casting mortar optimal. Due to the warm climate in Honduras, it is important to keep the casting mortar wet for several days after it has been poured into the formwork.

    By keeping it wet in combination with the hot weather, the shrink-proof casting mortar cannot cause shrinkage cracks with the result that the low-shrink casting mortar has been able to cure well. After curing, the formwork was removed and a final inspection of the casting mortar was done. Because of the high economic value, this is a precision job. SealteQ has the right expertise to guide Goltens with the pouring of the low-shrink cement mortar. The advice goes from surface preparation to the installation of formwork and finally the undergrouting of the generators.

    Lifespan extending maintenance

    SealteQ not only has a long reference list when it comes to undergrouting heavy installations in the oil and gas industry. SealteQ also has a long list of references in the field of sustainable maintenance and protection of concrete and steel of real estate, bridges, aqueducts and installations in all market sectors.