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    Renovation of the salt loader Nouryon

    betonrenovatie betonnen zwenkboog Nouryon Zout

    Heuvelman Ibis and SealteQ join forces for the renovation of the concrete swivel arc of the Nouryon Salt (formerly Akzo Nobel Salt) loader under the name HIS.

    HIS V.O.F.

    Due to the complexity of the renovation, Heuvelman Ibis and SealteQ have successfully entered into this partnership. SealteQ has combined the expertise of Heuvelman Ibis in the field of waterworks, steel structures and accessibility (crane vessel , pontoons, etc.) with its own expertise of renovating and maintaining steel and concrete.

    Renovation of the concrete

    Chlorideschade betonnen zwenkboog

    The renovation relates to the salt loading facility of the salt factory of Nouryon Salt. The salt loader for (sea) vessels consists of a steel jetty, a loading device and a concrete swivel arc that functions as a support for the loading device. As a result of chloride penetration by sea salt and production salt, the concrete arc was severely damaged and large-scale maintenance was required. Chloride damage is a specific concrete damage that is difficult to repair using traditional methods. For the concrete renovation, therefore, Cathodic Protection in combination with sprayed concrete was chosen.

    Because the existing swivel arc is made up of a prefab concrete bucket construction into which a structural concrete beam has been poured. Has it been decided to largely remove this prefab construction and to permanently protect the underlying structure For this purpose, the underlying concrete was repaired by spray-concrete technology and then provided with cathodic protection. The cathodic protection consists of titanium strips with imposed current which are incorporated in a 25 mm thick layer of sprayed concrete afterwards. A protective, mortar bridging sealing mortar was then applied as a protective final finish.

    Methods of renovation

    Cathodic Protection is an effective way to stop and prevent reinforcement corrosion. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional recovery methods. For example, there is considerably less construction waste and the environmental impact is also considerably less. The cathodic protection used during the concrete renovation of the concrete swivel arc is based on printed-on current with highly durable anode materials, the service life of which is not a limiting factor (75 years or more).

    During the first phase of renovation, a part of the steel tubular piles on which the concrete swivel arc has been restored. The first 39 tubular piles have been blasted to ISO-Sa2½ cleanliness to remove corrosion and the current coating. After this a new coating was applied with a total layer thickness of 750 µm. In addition, Heuvelman Ibis has replaced the existing steel railing of the concrete swivel arc with a plastic railing.

    All work was carried out from a temporary platform placed by Heuvelman Ibis, so that good accessibility to the concrete swivel arc was possible. This allowed both SealteQ and Heuvelman Ibis to safely carry out their renovation work.