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    Renovation of the NDSM Welding shop

  • Lasloods NDSM
  • Renovation of the NDSM Welding shop
  • Renovation of the NDSM Welding shop
  • Renovation of the NDSM Welding shop
  • Renovation of the NDSM Welding shop
  • Renovation of the NDSM Welding shop
  • SealteQ has carried out various concrete repairs on behalf of BMB Ontwikkeling and Regiobouw at the welding shop of the National Monument NDSM. This preserves the status as a cultural heritage.

    The welding shop

    The NDSM was a shipyard that existed between 1894 and 1978. The welding shop of the shipyard was the “cathedral” where huge ship parts were welded together and came out the shop as a ship or hull to the ship ramp that we renovated in 2017. The welding shop has now been renovated by SealteQ to accommodate the largest Street art museum in the world.

    Renovation of light streets

    The concrete renovation of the welding shop consisted of cleaning the concrete frames, manually repairing the concrete damage in the eaves, the wall frames and concrete light-street constructions of the shop and preserving the concrete. As it is a cultural heritage, the light street constructions have been manually renovated instead of replaced. First of all, the constructions were checked for cracks and loose parts that were caused by rebar corrosion. The localized concrete damages were then cut out behind the rebar. After this, the released rebar was derusted. The rebar is provided with a cement-bonded adhesive layer, after which the remediated damage has been repaired wet-on-wet with a cement-bonded polymer-modified repair mortar.

    Concrete repair on the facade

    SealteQ has also repaired the concrete roof edge elements and the end wall frames. First, the roofing and mortar residues have been removed from the roof edge elements. Secondly, the concrete surface is sanded dust-poor by means of a diamond sanding equipment. Paint residues have also been removed from the outer frames by means of high-pressure water jets. After this, the concrete was checked for cracks and loose parts that were created as a result of mechanical damage. The large localized damage has been repaired in the same way as during the renovation of the streetlights. An epoxy primer was first applied to the minor damages and then these were repaired with an epoxy mortar

    Preservation of the concrete

    After the aforementioned repair work has been carried out, the concrete window frames, facades and eaves have been cleaned using high-pressure water jets. The concrete was then fitted with a three-layer KEIM mineral coating system. The mineral coating system is an environmentally friendly coating that consists of a water solution, a liquid potassium silicate binder and fillers and colour pigments that are of mineral origin. This ensures a sustainable solution with a long service life.

    Are you curious about the possibilities that SealteQ can offer regarding to facade renovation and concrete preservation? Feel free to contact one of our branches.