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    Renovation of the lighthouse of Vlieland

    Halfway through July 2019, SealteQ delivered the renovation of the lighthouse of Vlieland to Rijkswaterstaat. A renovation full of challenges and setbacks. The work started in September 2018 should be completed in October 2018. However, research showed that the years-old paint on the lighthouse contained chromium-6. This stopped work and required further investigation to exclude health risks. Add the storm season to the mix and the work could not be resumed until May 2019. Three months later, the lighthouse of Vlieland has been completely renovated and is open again for tourists.


    Recently, Chrome-6 has again been negatively in the news. For example, it appears that paint with Chrome-6 has been applied more often than was initially thought. On the fifth of September 2018, a letter to the House of Representatives announced that coatings with chromium-6 were used in several Dutch government buildings. Research shows that chromium-6 also occurs on other real estate, since it has been used a lot in rust-resistant coatings in the past.

    Removal of the coating

    The existing coating in which chromium-6 is found has been removed by induction. Induction is a process in which the steel is heated for a short time, so that the coating loses its adhesion. A major advantage with this process is that no dust is released. This makes it an extremely suitable method for removing Chromium-6 coatings.

    Unfortunately, induction could not be applied everywhere on the lighthouse to remove the coating. The coating on the detailed surface of the lighthouse has been removed by sponge blasting. With sponge blasting, the grit grain is enclosed by a PE sponge. The blasting dust is absorbed by the sponge during blasting, which results in a considerable dust reduction. We have taken the necessary safety measures to perform all these activities.

    Applying the new coating system

    Before the conservation work was started, the lighthouse was blasted to a cleanliness level of Sa 2½ in accordance with ISO 8501-1 / 2. The lighthouse was then equipped with a four-layer coating system consisting of several colours. Corners, edges, bolts and nuts were first put through, so that sufficient coverage was obtained. After this, the lighthouse was furthermore provided with a rust-resistant coating with the help of an airless pump. The bottom three meters of the lighthouse have a special anti-graffiti coating. The lifespan of the lighthouse has been considerably extended by the application of the four-layer coating system.

    Other activities

    After the lighthouse has been fitted with the new coating system, the natural stone base on which the lighthouse is fitted with a three-layer coating system by means of a cabinet and roll application.

    Furthermore, a number of parts of the lighthouse post have been replaced. All affected and poorly sealing sealant joints, the bituminous roof covering including the roof boarding and the fencing have been replaced. All doors have also been adjusted and closed.

    Thanks to the life-extending activities of SealteQ, the lighthouse of Vlieland is again protected against corrosion for years. Are you curious about the possibilities that SealteQ can offer you with regard to the removal of Chrome-6 or the preservation of steel on site? Feel free to contact one of our branches.