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    Top-quality polymer floor finishes

    Polymer flooring

    There are many different requirements that can be imposed on floor finishes – capable of dealing with mechanical loads, resistance to chemicals, waterproof, antislip or decorative. SealteQ has the expertise to apply protective and/or decorative coatings to new and existing surfaces in accordance with specific requirements. The range of options and systems is enormous. From slurry systems that can cope with high mechanical loads in heavy-duty industry to simple water-based epoxy systems. Anti-static systems, tough-elastic crack covering resin floors or highly chemical or temperature resistant systems are in good hands at SealteQ. We work with all the renowned suppliers and our personnel regularly attends training and refreshers on the correct application methods and new developments, and that means we can guarantee quality and customised advice.

    A brief overview of the options per bonding product:
    – Epoxy systems can be applied in several coatings or as a cast floor. Often applied on stable surfaces that are subject to severe mechanical and chemical loads.
    – Polyurethane systems applied in several coatings when there is little subsidence in the surface or applied as cast floor on surfaces that are prone to cracking. In contrast to epoxy, polyurethane is virtually insensitive to discolouring caused by UV light and these products are applied when aesthetic requirements matter.
    – Polyurea systems are largely comparable to the polyurethanes in terms of their properties. However, their benefit is that they can be sprayed (e.g. hot-spray method) which facilitates a quick application and quick return to use.

    Besides the options in bonding agents, there are many other material properties or functional properties that can be influenced or modified. For example the speed of drying and curing, the possibility of coating the floor, applications in low temperatures or high humidity, the level of antislip and many other important product characteristics.

    The SealteQ specialists analyse the terms of reference, assess the surface and offer you the best options and opportunities for a top-quality floor finish.

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