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    The SealteQ companies work in every discipline of maintaining property, civil-engineering and industrial objects. Our clients are professional players in those sectors and can be split into:

    • Industrial clients, such as NAM, Gasunie, AKZO, DSM, Engie, Stork for maintenance to plants and property.
    • Infrastructural and civil-engineering clients, such as Rijkswaterstaat (the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment ), Provincial Executives, local authorities and contractors in Groundwork, Road and Hydraulic Engineering for maintenance to roads, bridges, viaducts and tunnels.
    • Housing projects with clients, such as housing corporations, institutional investors and pension funds, professional Owners Managers, and Owners Associations for a large variety of residential buildings and high-rises.
    • Non-residential buildings, such as offices and underground car parks and other property for clients in the parking sector, operators, municipal owners, quangos and healthcare.

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