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    Liquid-proof facilities

    Making floors or facilities liquid-proof

    In the year 2000, the regulations regarding floors or facilities being liquid-proof were tightened up. Systems for motor vehicles, storage and transport companies, spray companies, printers and petrol stations needed to have “PBV declaration”.

    As of 1 October 2008, the compulsory “PBV declaration” for liquid-proof floors ceased to apply. At the request of the world of business, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment decided that the inspection report is sufficient to prove whether the floor is liquid-proof.

    SealteQ is closely involved with this development. We are the partner for developing and building liquid-proof chemicals sumps, concrete surfacing, certified construction for paving elements and locally poured surfacing constructions of concrete and concrete repairs. Our experience of using polymer floors is also useful.

    SealteQ is the application specialist when it comes to liquid-proof facilities for petrol stations and washing areas.

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