• Concrete maintenance & protection of monuments

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    We have been operating as a partner for industry for more than 40 years! Each year, a large group of industrial companies finds its way to the multidisciplinary services of the SealteQ Group. Whether it concerns mechanical, antistatic and/or chemically resistant floors, leak-free cellars, fire-retarding measures, chemically resistant sumps or facades that have to be protected against the elements, these are all specialised activities that form part of SealteQ’s core business.

    Working in a production environment or an operational environment implies strict safety requirements on working methods and the use of materials. Properly trained and motivated professionals with discipline and reliability that can be qualified as exemplary. Wide-ranging experience in an industrial environment, major knowledge of the mechanisms that attack concrete and steel and the VCA P certificate gives our clients confidence in SealteQ.

    Management and maintenance plans (TCO) are the customary guiding principle when we implement our activities. SealteQ advises, budgets and carries out the operation. We provide a technical integrity of the installation to ensure safety, availability and profitability are added values for you.