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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    The SealteQ Group offers indisputable qualitative added value to its clients, whilst taking account of people and our planet. We are members of the most progressive and relevant sector organisations, including VBR, LSVB and VNO-NCW.

    SealteQ also plays the role of tutor in supervising new professionals. It enables us to create sustainable foundations for knowledge and expertise in the future. We train concrete repairers via LSVB and gritters, construction painters and sprayers in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17024.

    We protect the environment by striving to provide sustainable solutions for our clients, our environment and ourselves by using the most reliable and proven materials.

    Protecting, sealing and life-extending maintenance of concrete and steel constructions in themselves contribute to sustainability, but we want to mean more to our society and our immediate surroundings. We strive to contribute to solving social and environmental issues that are related to performing our activities and running our business, and we do so responsibly, transparently and within our abilities. We seek an optimum structural balance between social (People), ecological (Planet) and economical (Profit) interests. Our transparent working methods enable us to justify our choices to stakeholders. Our vision and mission have been prepared and are actively endorsed by our Board and are updated regularly.


    Making our business operations sustainable goes a step beyond the requirements imposed by government bodies and legislation. Our corporate social responsibility inspires us to strive consciously for a more sustainable approach and more sustainable alternatives. Together with our clients we search for an optimum balance between economic considerations (TCO: Total Cost of Ownership) and social interests and that is a central aspect of our services.

     CO2 performance ladder

    We opted to start by complying with the requirements for the CO2 performance ladder. We made this choice for various reasons, including to provide our clients with tangible proof of the extent to which we work consciously on limiting the burden on people and planet.

     CSR performance ladder

    Besides the CO2 performance ladder, we also apply the guidelines from the CSR performance ladder. The CSR performance ladder provides us with an excellent guideline for determined corporate social responsibility. As member of the VBR (Dutch Association of Certified Concrete Repair Companies) we are co-signatories to the sector-wide CSR covenant.