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    An important market segment for SealteQ. Partners that use the broad range of options provided by SealteQ. Whether it concerns activities in housing and road construction, underground car parks or major projects, such as concrete and steel constructions in the iconic structure of the discharge sluice complexes of the Afsluitdijk.

    We are the most ideal partner for our clients for several reasons. We are creative in our solutions, we communicate in the right way with the right people, we fulfil our promises and we supply top-quality work. Whether it concerns concrete, steel, brickwork or asphalt, it is a multidisciplinary approach.

    The client decides increasingly often to contract just one party to build an object, known as integrated contracting. In those situations SealteQ undertakes to produce the design and to carry out the work. In some cases the performance includes long-term maintenance of the built structure after its completion. “Design & build”, “design & construct”, “turnkey” and “maintenance” are just some of the terms that are bandied about and they are all “integrated contract types” (UAVGC).

    Planning is crucial in this market segment. As are penalty clauses! This means fulfilling promises, and a flexible attitude to prevent disasters. That is what you can expect from us. That is the reputation we strive to uphold.

    A reliable and thinking partner? We would be pleased to work with you to complete your projects successfully. SealteQ strengthens and enhances your good reputation!