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    About SealteQ

    Protecting and maintaining valuable civil-engineering, infrastructural and industrial plants and housing and non-residential buildings is what the SealteQ Group is all about. With our national, international and multidisciplinary approach and regional specialised companies we have acquired a leading position in the market over the last 40 years and we know how to keep it that way.

    We provide our services with a team of more than 200 specialists. From initiating maintenance management plans, to damage inspection plans, technical consultancy, budgeting and after-care in concrete and steel maintenance and new-build plans. From waterproofing work (cellar and tunnel construction) and high-grade steel protection (aluminisation) to large-scale plastic coating applications (underground car parks) and fire-resistant applications (steel and concrete constructions).

    Highly specialised work from SealteQ, a group that can boast a large group of national and international clients.

    We are aware that innovation is essential to continued growth. We improve functionality and we are constantly modifying our services and processes. We strive to find suitable solutions for our clients at all times.

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